Adolescent Self And Socio Emotional Development

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David Kerr, EED441 - Constructions of Adolescence and their Educational Implications.
Assignment one, Adolescent Self and Socio-emotional Development.
A. Identify and discuss 3-5 key socio-emotional issues illustrated in the mid-adolescent’s portrait.
B. Outline the trends that occur in each of the chosen areas of socio-emotional development as a typical high school student moves from early adolescence (e.g. Year 7/8) to mid-adolescence (Year 11/12).
C.Consider and discuss how a high school teacher can use evidence-based practice to accommodate the socio-emotional needs of adolescent students in a mixed ability classroom.

Adolescence is generally said to begin at approximately the age of 13 but can vary according to environmental, cultural and historical circumstances. The teen in the portrait being 15 years old falls into mid adolescence and shows many of the attributes associated with this stage of development. The portrait shows many instances of the teens socio-emotional growth which can be interpreted in many ways with reference to many issues, this paper will focus on identity confusion, self esteem, egocentrism, gender identity and emotional competence but these issues cannot be fully explored without passing mention to other issues which can also be observed within the portrait.
Identity Confusion
The teen shows signs of identity confusion as described by Erik Erikson’s (1950,1968) theory and falls into the fifth developmental stage he called identity versus…
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