Adolescent Self Portrait Essay examples

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Adolescent Self Portrait

Adolescent Self-Portrait Paper Identify specific changes that tend to be the most striking and have the greatest effect on personality. Adolescent differs according to culture and takes place when an individual transitions from a child into adulthood. The term adolescent means “to grow in maturity “and it comes from the Latin verb adolescere. In our society, there is not a specific age when adolescent will begin, however it usually takes place around 11 or 12 to late teens or even early twenties. There are many changes that place during this time, such as biological, social, and psychological changes. In biological changes, the most striking change which occurs is puberty. Puberty is a
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When these roles are incorporated, they make up who the adolescent is and their identity. However, role confusion will occur when the adolescent cannot incorporate their roles and have a difficult time coping with differing roles. The greatest effects that this will have on the adolescent’s personality are the feelings of being unsure and confused about their identity. The most striking change in social development is the adolescent’s need to be independent. When the adolescent becomes independent it is done so emotionally, socially and economically. It includes the child going from a parent-child relationship to adult-adult relationship. It is also when the adolescent is capable of making the right decision financially and becomes a self-directed individual. The greatest effect that social change has on the personality of an adolescent is rebellion. The adolescent will not listen and try to live the way they want to, and also do things to distress their parents.
Adolescence is a time to mature and find oneself while learning to deal with life on life’s terms. Every adult has experienced this and every child will experience this. There is no single event or boundary line, which denotes the end of childhood or the beginning of adolescence. Experts think of the passage from childhood into and through
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