Adolescent Self-Portrait Essay

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Adolescent Self-Portrait December 1, 2014 BSHS/325 Maria Perrotta Adolescent Self-Portrait From the time an individual is born, they are facing continual growth and changes. Upon reaching adolescence, an individual will face many changes quickly that affect feelings and personality. Males and females face the same milestones, yet, are affected and changed by them differently. What It Feels Like To Be a Teenager Being a teenager is an exciting, scary, and overall stressful time in one’s life. Many changes occur physically and mentally and one can experience a new range of different emotions. A teen is also influenced by surrounding environmental factors then they used to be. Teenagers dream of doing cool…show more content…
Basically, the brain is maturing, logical thinking is developing, and teens are able to make more of their own choices in life. This brings a new sense of independence and new found freedom. This is when judgment and self-esteem issues come into play. Being in middle and high school, teenagers will face many situations of peer pressure at attempts to fit in with the cool crowd. They are attempting to find who they really are so they fit to be what is considered cool. They assume if you are "cool", you are liked, and that is what teenagers want; friends, socialization, and to be liked. This is also a constant struggle with teenagers; trying to find their identity as they are being peer pressured into being whatever is in the moment. It is hard to find those boundaries and true definitions of oneself in an adolescent mind. Much more goes on in the adolescent time of life then people are generally led to believe. The Developmental Changes Affecting Personality Adolescent developmental changes can have striking effects on a teenager’s personality. Growing spurts are one of these. They can cause teens to become very clumsy, making them insecure and unsure of themselves. These spurts can also make a teen not feel like him/herself. The oncoming of puberty can effect personality changes such as acting out or aggressiveness, especially in males. This is also a time where teens
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