Adolescent Years Is The Hardest For Most Of Our Society

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Adolescent years is the hardest for most of our society. You always hear adults complaining about this age group (12-18 years of age). After studying more about why adolescents are stereo typed, has shown to me that there are emotion, physical, mental changes that happen during this time in a person’s life. Going through the adolescent stage of life is difficult and many cope in different ways as they go through these changes in their lives. Hannah Hardy is a 17 year old female adolescent. She is a Junior at Taylorsville High School and is on the track and tennis team. Hannah and her family have been a family friend for a couple years now. I have not been able to get to know Hannah as well, so I chose her to do an hour interview at her house. Hannah is not like everyone her age and is very mature. I decided to focus on identity, peer group, and family aspects of an adolescent by asking Hannah different questions that I came up with. I hoped to learn about other views of being a teenager than my own experience from when I was in my adolescent years. The reasoning behind my interview is to see how an adolescent deals with peer pressure and changes that come in these years. My adolescent years were hard for me. I followed my peers, due to not having my own identity. I have found, through Hannah, if you have strong morals and beliefs, going through adolescent years can be hard but she has been very successful due to knowing what she wants out of life. When I asked Hannah if
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