Adolescent Years

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Adolescent Years Paper Adolescence is the developmental stage between childhood and adulthood; it generally refers to a period ranging from age 11 and 19. Adolescence has many psychological and social stages, as well as biological. The beginning of adolescence is usually marked with the beginning of puberty. Adolescence can be prolonged, brief, or practically nonexistent, depending on the type of culture in which it occurs. Adolescence is somewhere between childhood and adulthood. It is filled with constant change, uncertainty, but it can be wonderful and full of expectation. Everything a child learned to believe is suddenly challenged. One day you are a cute child that everybody seemed to adore, and the next day your skin and body are…show more content…
This image may be thin, muscular, or just average. During adolescence, they may feel unsatisfied with their bodies and want to change how they look just to fit in. This gives adolescence a feeling that they belong, and peer influences help the adolescence grow as an individual, by getting insight and advice from those who know. During this time, adolescents are going to start looking up to a number of people, namely celebrities, and try to adopt their style as their own in hopes of being able to fit in (Cheathouse, Sept., 2004). Adolescent girls need someone to look up to, and if they look up to celebrities and want to be like them, they may do anything to achieve the same look (Botta, 1999). Besides the idea of finding ones' identity and fitting in, many of these conflicts lead to inappropriate behavior such as sneaking out, drinking, drugs, pre-marital sex, and the worst one of all, pregnancy (Bruin). Adolescence Years 5 Adolescence and Risky Behaviors Adolescence represents a sensitive stage of development posing a high risk for contracting dangerous addictive behaviors. With teens choosing to have sex at young age, we are seeing the effects of
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