Adolescent 's Asca Development Stage

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5. Adolescent’s ASCA Development Stage
First, review what you’ve learned about the adolescent from your interviews. Then, complete Section I of the Adolescent Development Analysis Worksheet to determine the ASCA Development Stage in which you believe the teen falls. Finally, identify and write a description here of the stage in which the teen falls, then give at least two examples that support your stage choice. I’ve learned that this teen is very independant. Her family circumstances have shaped the teens decision-making strongly enough that can rely on herself. Although it is briefly thought about, the teen has decided what she plans on doing after high school. It was clear to me that this teen was once more concerned with fitting in in previous years of her life and now is focusing on relationships that are more personal. The teen has accepted her consequences in regards to lack of academic participation and is set on achieving her short-term goal of graduating. I’ve identified the ASCA development stage in which the teenage falls under according to Section I of the Adolescent Development Analysis Worksheet which is the “late adolescence” stage. In this stage, it is said that an adolescent in the “late adolescence” stage is aware of the movement towards independence that they are in, as well as their career interest, sexuality, ethics, and self-direction. I categorized the teen I worked with under “late adolescence” due to the fact that she seems more concerned with…
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