Adolescents And War : How Youth Deal With Political Violence

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Introduction: In the course of this investigation, I will be reviewing two key chapters from ‘Adolescents and War: How Youth deal with Political Violence’. Political violence, the focus of this study – is difficult to define – primarily because it such a broad term which incorporates different levels of ideology surrounding the nature of violence, its causes, structures and objectives. Barber takes an interesting and unique stance in his literature, as he touches upon the rarely (but advancing) topic of youth and more specifically adolescents; in relation to political violence. Centralising on the role that they play, but crucially and interestingly; the effects it has upon them. His text also helps us to think differently about PV(political violence) and war, in a unique manner. Main Thesis The manner in which he approaches the topic of adolescents in relation to war and political violence is particularly pleasing, he is largely concerned with long term effects and therefore bases his studies over long periods of time to gain an accurate understanding. Thus, he adapts a particularly qualitative stance using interviews as an example; but balances this well with quantitative data which cooperates the results from the qualitative investigations. It is captivating the way in which Barber opens the text in Chapter 1 with a bold statement – “Thousands of youth confronts the ravages of war and political violence” (Barber 2009:3) which immediately engages our attention. He goes
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