Adolescents Attitudes Towards Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs

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This qualitative study will focus on adolescents’ attitudes towards driving under the influence of drugs. Adolescents will watch a documentary on drugged driving and then will be interviewed on their attitudes towards driving under the influence of drugs and their intentions to do so. Student’s experiences will be captured at three data points (i.e., prior to viewing the documentary, after watching the documentary, and 30 days after watching the documentary).
Keywords: adolescents, driving, drugs, drugged-driving, intervention, young adults

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Adolescence is a time when a child transition into their teenage years. Throughout this duration many altercations can transpire diagonally through their cognitive development. A vital factor includes development of cognitive control. Cognitive control contains essential mind processing which includes effective recollection, and awareness in the midst of others.

A Qualitative Study on Adolescents’ Attitude About Drugs and Driving After Viewing a Documentary Film
The human brain undergoes significant developmental changes through adolescence and into young adulthood (White, 2003). The most critical changes to the brain during this time occur in the frontal lobes (White, 2003). Specifically, these changes are seen in the prefrontal cortex (Steinberg, 2005). The prefrontal cortex is the control center for cognition and its…
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