Adolescents In America

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The adolescents of America do not realize how lucky they are to grow up in such a stable society. The opportunities available to American teenagers differ significantly compared to those of teens from many other countries in the world. Poor income countries do not have the resources to exceed the amount of opportunity, like America does. Although there are some areas in America that still do not meet the high standards set by our country, compared to most other countries, American teens are raised in economically stable families, have access to a high level of education, and live in a country that provides them freedom and possibilities for their future. In the United States, the family income covers all family expenses from basic needs, like food and clothing, to luxuries, like cars and hobbies. Teens do not realize how the category of economical stability their families may be living in can affect the outcome of their lives. As Rakesh Kochhar reports in “How Americans Compare with the Global Middle Class”, “On a global scale, the vast majority of Americans are either upper middle income or high income”(Kochhar 2). While not American is wealthy, the majority of Americans are considered high income compared to the rest of the world. According to the Pew Research Center, “56% of
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All students have access to excellent education. Lives of American teenagers differ significantly compared to the rest of the world, due to education, finance, and most of all teenage life. Overall, American teens have a different lifestyle compared to other culture, people, and countries. Opportunities available for an adolescent is a lot easier in America, than other world in the world may find. Due to the fact of income within these families they have a higher income; this helps purify the availabilities of exceeding the opportunity of their son or
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