Adolescents With Same-sex Parents: Annotated Bibliography Essays

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Bos, H. M., Van Balen, F., & Van den Boom, D. C. (2007). Child adjustment and parenting in planned lesbian-parent families. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 77, 38-48. doi: 10.1037/0002-9432.77.1.38 This study was conducted in the Netherlands. First, the authors studied the association between “parental characteristics” and “child-rearing” factors. Second, they examined the “child adjustment” in planned lesbian mothers families and in heterosexual parents families. 100 planned lesbian mothers families were recruited through the Medical Center for Birth Control, homosexual parenting experts, the Dutch advocate group for homosexuality, and advertisement in the lesbian magazine. Compatible 100 heterosexual parents families were…show more content…
Lesbian mothers showed more intense desire to have a child and less traditional child-rearing goals compared to heterosexual parents. Moreover, lesbian social mother showed more affection and commitment in parenting than heterosexual fathers. This might be because of social stigma on lesbian parenting, lesbian parents invest more times and efforts on their parenting. The authors also suggested possible gender differences since lesbian biological mothers, lesbian social mothers, heterosexual mothers, who are all females, showed more commitment in parenting compared to heterosexual fathers, who are males. The authors also stated that lesbian biological mothers showed more structure setting and limit setting compared to lesbian social mothers possibly because of their responsibility from biological bonding with children. There were couple limitations of the study. First, lesbian mothers’ response rate was higher than heterosexual parents’ because lesbian mothers’ curiosity in their parenting styles. Second, lesbian mothers’ had higher educational history compared to heterosexual parents. Finally, this study was conducted in Netherland where showed more tolerant attitude toward homosexuality. Dutch lesbian families’ daily life experiences might be significantly different with lesbian families’ from other countries.
Farr, R. H., Forssell, S. L., &
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