Adolestant Case Study

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Case Study Aydann is a six year old female, who was born in Ft Lauderdale Florida on July 28th, 2004. Aydann has a sister who is 18 years old and is a senior in high school. She lives with her family in a middle class neighborhood in central Florida. Aydann’s mother is of Hispanic decent and her father is of European decent. Spanish is spoken regularly in Aydann’s home by her mother, sister and grandmother, who live one block away, but Aydann has not begun speaking Spanish. Both of Aydann’s parents attended college and have degrees, and work in a professional setting. Aydann’s parents have been married for almost 18 years. The parents reported no complications during pregnancy or delivery. By the age of one Aydann became a picky…show more content…
These behaviors are not age appropriate, as the book states that around this age that children’s gender stereo type believes and behaviors strengthen, as well as their preference for same sex playmates. Since Aydann seems to be progressing at an age appropriate level, I believe that in the next year she will continue to increase her language and cognitive skills, since she is good at sports and is still young enough where peer pressure is not as relevant, she will continue to prefer to play with boys than girls. In five years from now Aydann will be 11; she will be in middle school and gearing up for her teen years. Since she will most likely not lose her teeth till after most kids like her mom, I suspect by now she will have lost all her baby teeth. Aydann has a knack for sports at age 6, so I am sure her agility and sports ability will increase. I am thinking that by age 11, although she will still play sports with boys when she can, she will start hanging out more with girls due to peer pressure and the ever looming changes girls and boys go thru over the next few years. Since Aydann has a stable family unit and support from not only her grandparents, but the church that her family attends regularly, I don’t predict that by age 11 Aydann will have any social or emotional problems. I do see her language skills growing not only her English but also her Spanish; since this was about the age

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