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Adam McShane May 4, 2011 Honors American Lit. Adolf Eichmann I-SEARCH Adolf Eichmann The Holocaust, an event in the 1930 's and 40 's that changed the world greatly. It was responsible for the killing of 6 million European Jews. Many people think Adolf Hitler was the evil man who was in charge of the ruthless genocide of these people. However, he is not. Adolf Eichmann is the man responsible for creating the "Final Solution" the plan to extreminate the Jewish race. I had many questions while thinking how I should go about writing this I-SEARCH paper. When I began writing this paper, I knew nothing about Adolf Eichmann. Doing the paper on him was a mere suggestion from my father. I quickly learned that he worked his way…show more content…
Germany occupied 16 countries at this time. This made Eichmann one of the most powerful men in the Third Reich. His office was the headquarters for creating all ghettos, transportation , death camps, and killing techniques of the Jews [ (Wistrich) ]. At the beginning of World War II, many SS officials began murdering aristocracy, professionals, clergy, political commissars, suspected saboteurs, Jewish males and anyone deemed a security threat (The History Place). This marked the beginning of the senseless killing of European Jewry. Adolf Eichmann began planning ways to get rid of the Jewish race. One of his earlier plans was presented in July of 1940. He proposed that all of the Jews should be deported to Madagascar. However, the plan was never implemented. In poland there were 3.5 million Jews. They were all gathered into small ghettos such as Warsaw (The History Place). Warsaw was one of the biggest and overcrowded ghettos in Poland. In 1941 Eichmann was deporting Jews out of Germany and Bohemia, in accordance with Hitler 's orders to make the Third Reich free of Jews as quickly as possible (Wistrich). The ghettos were chosen based on how close they were to railway junctions, which was preparing them to implement their final goal. The Wannsee Conference happened on January 20, 1942 in Berlin. Fifteen men, including SS officers, lawyers, Heydrich Himmler, and Adolf Eichmann had a
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