Adolf Eichmann Was The Main Man In Charge Of Planning And

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Adolf Eichmann was the main man in charge of planning and transporting the Jews in World War II. Hitler was not the only one responsible for all the devastating killings that happened, Adolf Eichmann also contributed a lot in planning the killings that happened and transporting Jews. Born on March 19, 1905, Eichmann was born into a middle class Protestant family. After the death of his mother, his family moved to Austria, and he was teased for his looks and called, “The Little Jew”. When Eichmann was older, after failing his engineering studies, he worked for his father’s small mining company. A while later, he quit that job and worked for an electrical construction company. He later quit that job too, and worked as a traveling salesman…show more content…
Eichmann soon became one of the most powerful people in the third Reich and would continue to be head of the IV B4 until the end of the Reich. In July 1940 Eichmann proposed his Madagascar Plan which proposed deporting Jews to the island of Madagascar. The plan was not approved and was never implemented. Just after the start of World War II, the occupation of Poland and the Soviet Union, SS Einsatz groups murdered anyone including the Jews that were deemed a security threat. After Heydrich and Eichmann learned that Poland had the largest population of Jews at that time, they had all of the Jews found and rounded up so they could be shipped to ghettos and labor camps. In some ghettos such as Warsaw, large numbers of Jews were kept in small confinements resulting in disease and starvation. After Heydrich told Eichmann, “The Führer has ordered the physical extermination of the Jews ( ).” SS Einsatz groups in occupied areas of the Soviet Union, who Eichmann was supervising, turned their full attention to the mass extermination of the Jews. Einsatz leaders kept highly detailed records, and some competitions came about among the four main groups as to who could kill the most Jews. Some methods at this time were just shooting and burying the Jews. After the war, Otto Ohlendorf, commander of Einsatzgruppe D, described the method, “The unit selected would enter a village or city and order the prominent Jewish citizens to call together all Jews for the

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