Adolf Eichmann's Role During The Holocaust

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The Holocaust was a horrific period in which millions of Jews were executed and worked to death by Nazi soldiers, who are also inhumane perpetrators. A perpetrator is someone who executes dangerous immoral acts or crimes. Adolf Eichmann was a Nazi soldier under the rule of Adolf Hitler. One can infer by his status that he was indeed a perpetrator. Eichmann’s reason for the death of so many innocent Jews was that he was simply following orders. He fulfilled his role of being a perpetrator by annihilating millions of Jews. Adolf Eichmann was a remorseless perpetrator who conducted the death of an innumerable amount of Jewish people. The information provided in quote one explains what unethical actions Eichmann pursued. Eichmann did his part during the Holocaust by going to different locations in order to massacre them. “Eichmann played his central role in the deportation of over 1.5 million Jews from all over Europe killing centers and killings cities in occupied Poland and in parts of the occupied Soviet Union” (“Adolf Eichmann” This quotation from Eichmann’s biography explains what he did to the Jews while serving as a Nazi soldier. He went to the extent of hunting them in different locations like wild animals. Eichmann was aware of his wrong doings, yet he still pursued with all of the Jews’ execution. Therefore, he is nonetheless a…show more content…
By looking at his status, one can infer he was a perpetrator. The reasoning behind the extermination of the Jews was simply because he was following distributed orders. Eichmann never revealed to the Jews any mercy or remorse as he pursued with their annihilation. Because he did not reveal to them any pity, Eichmann found himself most suitable to tend to the Jews. Adolf Eichmann caused extreme anguish and terror through his decisions and actions. In fact, if this man had not been known to exist, perhaps there would be more survivors of the Holocaust
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