Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) Essay

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Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was a German political leader, and one of the 20th century's most powerful dictators. He caused the death of millions of Jews and other minorities, because he strongly believed that they were unfit to be part of his perfect Aryan race. Hitler was born in Austria on 20th April; 1889. His father was a respectable customhouse official, who refused to let his son do what he most loved-art. Hitler was never very strong academically and didn't complete school. He moved to Vienna to follow his dream of being an artist and applied for a place at the Academy of Fine Arts, but was rejected due to "lack of talent". In May 1913, Hitler, seeking to avoid…show more content…
Hitler was elected party chairman in 1921. He began to spread his racial and democratic hatred through methods of propaganda and public speeches. In 1923 Hitler led a rebellion (Putsch) aimed to overthrow the Bavarian government, it failed and Hitler was put on trial for treason. The judiciary was lenient towards him, and passed a sentence of 5 years imprisonment. Of these 5 years Hitler served only 9 months, and emerged from prison a popular and well respected political figure. Adolf Hitler's main qualities as a leader were his self-certainty and charismatic personality. He knew how to appeal to people's instincts and made use of their fears and insecurities. He fought hard to make his ideas a reality. His means of convincing Germans of his ideas and his attempts to make them follow him down the path of destruction was with endless streams of propaganda. Hitler's early life in Vienna introduced him to the idea of propaganda to influence and persuade the masses towards his viewpoint. He fully recognised the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people wanted to be led and that they were ready and willing to submit if their leader could win their respect and confidence. Adolf Hitler also had the ability to reach out to the people; he was able to arouse sympathy, concern and patriotism in his followers by the way that he expressed himself. This enabled Hitler to make full use of terror and mobilize the fears of the

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