Adolf Hitler : An Experimental View

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Bosses have power over their workers, parents have power over their children, and, more generally, we can say that those in authority have power over their minions. The powerful ability of those in authority to control others was demonstrated in a remarkable set of studies performed by Stanley Milgram (1974).Milgram, S. (1974). Obedience to authority: An experimental view. New York, NY: Harper & Row. The dictator I chosen to write my paper is Adolf Hitler. Born in Austria in 1889, Adolf Hitler rose to power in German politics as leader of Nazi Party (the National Socialist German Workers Party). Adolf Hitler was chancellor of Germany from 1933 - 1945, and served as dictator from 1934- 1945. His policies lead to World War II and the Holocaust. The Great Depression in Germany provided a political opportunity for Adolf Hitler. In the year 1932, Hitler ran against Paul von Hindenburg for the presidency. Hitler came in second in both rounds of the election, collecting more than 35% of the vote in the final election. This election established Hitler as a strong force in German politics. Paul von Hindenburg agreed to appoint Hitler as chancellor in order to promote political balance. Hitler then used his position as chancellor to form a de facto legal dictatorship. Having achieved full control over the legislative and executive branches of government, Hitler and his political allies begin organized suppression of the remaining political opposition. On July 14, 1933, Hitler 's Nazi
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