Adolf Hitler And His Life

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On April 20th, 1889, a boy was born in Braunau am Inn, Austria. This boy was the fourth of six children that were born to Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. He was named Adolf. At three years old, the family packed their bags and moved to Germany. Hitler was close to his mother, who loved him and doted on him, but he opposed his father in his beliefs and actions. Hitler’s father disapproved of his passion for art. Alois wanted him to pursue business. Hitler’s life took a terrible turn when his younger brother Edmund died in 1900. This led to a downward spiral that left Hitler removed and grim. Three years later, Alois died from lung hemorrhage and caused Hitler’s switch to boarding school, where he played pranks on teachers and floundered through his school work. However, Hitler idolized his history teacher, who taught him about nationalism.
Hitler dropped out at sixteen and moved to Vienna to pursue his art career. Twice he applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, and twice, he was rejected. Along with that, his mother died of breast cancer. He lost all of his money, and he lived in a homeless shelter for many years. Hitler was enlisted, in August of 1914, in the German army. He was wounded in Somme and received two badges, the Iron Cross First Class and the Black Wound Badge. Being in the army only deepened his passion and love in Germany, and he despaired when Germany surrendered in 1918. He was a nationalist, which led him to believe the surrender was the civilian leaders and…
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