Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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Adolf Hitler, chancellor of Germany from 1933 to 1945 and führer of Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945, was the mastermind behind both World War II within Europe and the Holocaust. In the “Final Solution,” concentration and extermination camps were implemented in an attempt to rid of the Jewish population entirely. Such a task, genocide, would not be done easily. By the end of World War II, over six million Jews had been killed. However, not merely Jews were subject to mass murder, but nearly five million non-Jewish people. Out of all of these deaths, a range from 1,885,889 to 2,045,215 were in the concentration camp system. Furthermore, approximately one million of these deaths were carried out within the Auschwitz concentration camp complex. Thus, one in every six Jews killed during the holocaust was killed at an Auschwitz camp. These extermination camps were the only means by which such a multitude of murder could have been efficiently accomplished. The systematic mechanization of mass murder, using gas chambers and crematoria, made such high death tolls fathomable, making efficient killing easier both physically and psychologically.
The concentration camp system was established well before World War II and the “Final Solution.” The camps had commonly been constructed in desolate places, free from German jurisdiction. Thus, allowing murder in both large and small amounts to be carried out surreptitiously. Some, if not most, of these murders being cursorily reported. As

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