Adolf Hitler And The Nazi War

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Kai Chu Adolf Hitler first rose to power in the early months of 1933. Following President Hindenburg’s death in 1934, Hitler declared him the Fuhrer and assumed leadership over the nation. During this time period, leading up to the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler and the Nazi Part were able to successfully remove the political and social obstacles through the implementation of the SS, SA and Gestapo. Additionally, through the effective use of propaganda in various forms, which indoctrinated the majority of the German population, Hitler was able to successfully gain control over the nation. Although Hitler was able to successfully control the nation in the years through totalitarian means, he and the Nazi party confronted many enemies that…show more content…
The Enabling Act was passed in 1933 allowed Hitler to created laws without the need to consult with the Reichstag, granting him total dictatorial power over Germany. By effectively using the power bequeathed to him, this contributed to Hitler’s total dominance over the German public; this act also banned all other political parties, declaring Germany a one party state. By banning all political oppositions, this ensure there would be no future obstacles to the Nazi dictatorship. Additionally, the introduction of the Nuremburg Laws consisted of: “Section 1: Marriages between Jews and citizens of German or kindred blood are forbidden. Marriages concluded in defiance of this law are void, even if, for the purpose of evading this law, they were concluded abroad. These laws were an attempt to assist Hitler in achieving his goal which would creating the Aryan race that would rule for a thousand years. The Nuremburg Law also had the Jews excluded from the economy, restricted their freedom, created more widespread discrimination of the Jews and declared them as being non Aryans. Furthermore, Hitler had also passed a series of ant-Semitic laws restricting Jews from civil services, professions in journalism and participation in the armed forces. Through these laws, Hitler had almost completely silenced the Jewish race in Germany. Hitler had also eliminated the “impurities” in Germany society: the disabled, homosexuals and gypsies whom he thought would drain the
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