Adolf Hitler And The Nazi War

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Adolf Hitler first rose to power in the early months of 1933. Following President Hindenburg’s death in 1934, Hitler declared him the Fuhrer and assumed leadership over the nation. During this time period, leading up to the outbreak of World War 2, Hitler and the Nazi Part were able to successfully remove the political and social obstacles through the implementation of the SS, SA and Gestapo. Additionally, through the effective use of propaganda in various forms, which indoctrinated the majority of the German population, Hitler was able to successfully gain control over the nation. Although Hitler was able to successfully control the nation in the years through totalitarian means, he and the Nazi party confronted many enemies that opposed the Nazi regime and Hitler was recognised as an unpopular public figure to many. Overall, the majority of the German people were supportive of the Nazi regime and ultimately, of Hitler which allowed him to gain control over the nation.
BODY PARAGRAPH 1: What was the Gleichschaltung process and what was the nature of Nazism
The Gleichschaltung was the process in which the Nazis were able to transform Germany into a totalitarian state, allowing Hitler to gain power over all aspects of life. The Gleichschaltung, or the process of synchronization was used by Hitler between periods of 1933 to the years leading up to WW2. Many important events that are associated with this process were the introduction of new act and laws, one of which…

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