Adolf Hitler And The Nazi War

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Adolf Hitler is the most well known Nazi war criminal. The Holocaust affected many lives and tore apart many families. When Hitler came to power many jews attempted to flee the country. He sawt to make the entire population Aryan. Yet Hitler did not stand alone ,he had many disposable minions to do his dirty work. Hitler is a scumbag who took the cowards way out. When Hitler was a child he loved art. This is why he stole so much art during the war. During world war 1 Hitler served in the war. Hitler was a savage in the war killing without mercy. The bastard never visited a concentration camp. Hitlers first love was a jewish girl ,lacking courage he never spoke to her. Hitler also suffered from flatulence and took 28 different drugs to fight it. Hitler led the first non-smoking campaign in modern history. During ww1 a british soldier spared Hitlers life. Hitler only had one testicle. Hitler 's nephew joined the U.S Navy after Hitler bombed his house. Hitler had a picture of Henry Ford behind his desk calling him an “inspiration”. Hitler was a vegetarian and made laws against animal cruelty. Hitler was saved from drowning by a priest when he was four years old. Hitler asked mercedes for a car loan while he was in jail.Hitler was nominated for the nobel peace prize. Hitler terrorized jews for multiple years. Yet he has achieved many things and escaped death on multiple occasions. What happened to this world and why did we not kill him sooner. Dr. Mengele was

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