Adolf Hitler And The World War I

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Adolf Hitler is mostly known for the unforgettable things he accomplished during his era. He left a scar in the world that will never be cured. He was an intelligent and brilliant individual who seeked power. He used his abilities to achieve things that no other leader has done. Hitler was originally an adolescent who moved to Vienna to become an artist, but his dream abruptly changed. Starting another World War and bringing terror to people is not what he had in mind when he became leader of Germany. Hitler was born in the 20th of April in 1889. He was Austrian by birth, the fourth, and last child. In 1913, Hitler moved to Munich, Germany, where he tried to join the army but was told he was unfit for service, so Hitler immediately volunteered to become a messenger and was accepted. He served in the Bavarian Army during World War one. When Germany surrendered in November 1918, Adolf was very bothered by the news of armistice. He believed he had to save Germany, for the German unity was was in jeopardy. Germany now had to follow the Treaty of Versailles and that angered Hitler even more. Hitler joined a small nationalist group called the German Workers’ Party and the group soon came to be known as the Nazi Party. He became the leader of this party and wanted to unite all Germans. The Nazi Party also demanded to get rid of the Treaty of Versailles and offered the twenty-five points. Some of the things included were unification of a greater Germany, land +…
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