Adolf Hitler As A Leader Of Nazi Germany

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Adolf Hitler is known throughout the world as being the leader of Nazi Germany in the early twentieth century, and ultimately the instigator for World War II. His actions have faced much scrutiny since the conflict was resolved, but the genius behind this war effort is seeded in the politics of his egregious nature. Early Life and Upbringing Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, at Braunau-am-Inn, Austria. Alois,his father, had risen from a poor peasant background to become an Austrian customs official and was able to provide his son with a secondary school education. Adolf, a bright and talented student at his village school, felt out of place in the much larger urban secondary school. He gave himself up to aimless reading, dreamed about becoming an artist, and developed a talent for evading responsibilities. Poor school marks prevented him from obtaining a diploma and after the death of his father, he left his home in Linz, Upper Austria, in 1907 to seek his fortune in Vienna. Hitler 's professed aim in Vienna was to study art, especially architecture, but he twice failed, in 1907 and 1908, to get admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts. These failures destroyed what little order he had established in his life. He withdrew completely from family and friends and wandered aimlessly through the city, observing its life. Though he continued to read voraciously, he derived most of his knowledge from secondhand sources, coffeehouse talk, newspapers,and pamphlets. He encountered

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