Adolf Hitler As A Post Christ

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People sometimes refer to Adolf Hitler as a post-Christ Nero because of Hitler 's ruthless attitudes and actions towards innocent citizens, similar to Nero when he persecuted Christians during his rule about two thousand years prior(Kershaw). Hitler dealt with a depressing childhood, which included the deaths of his parents and the inability to pursue his dreams as an artist(Knapp). Thereafter, Hitler became interested in politics, as he eventually joined the Small German Workers ' party(Nazis) and won the faith of the desperate country of Germany during the Great Depression by promising to abolish the Treaty of Versailles. After being named German chancellor in 1931 and absolute ruler after President Hindenburg 's death, Hitler…show more content…
Since Germany was a proficient trader with the United States, the decline and withdrawal in world trade entered Germany and most countries around the world into a economic depression(The Nazis and the German Economy). Germany also had make up the thirty three billion dollars in reparations to the Allies for the loss of World War I. Times were rough in Germany and citizens were so desperate, they evidently turned to Hitler for a spark. After Hitler was elected chancellor of Germany in 1933, Hitler answered the German cries for help. Hitler eliminated strikes and independent labor unions, while giving the German government power over labor and businesses. Hitler then put most of the unemployed to work in factories, highways, weapon manufacturers, and the military. The unemployment in Germany dropped from six million in 1933 to three hundred thousand in 1939(Beck). Hitler 's actions helped Germany fully recover from an economic depression, generate one of the biggest militaries in the world at the time, and gain trust from the majority of the German citizens. Since the German people put their economic trust in Hitler, they eventually gave Hitler full political trust as well. After Hitler was elected to chancellor, the Nazis became the largest political party in the nation. During Hitler 's first few years as ruler, he eliminated all political parties in Germany, including the
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