Adolf Hitler Essay

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Adolf Hitler. A highly influential man, a dictator, an individual who cause immense pain and suffering. Adolf Hitler was the mastermind behind Nazi Germany. According to the World of Criminal Justice, Gale, Hitler triggering World War II because of his expansionist foreign policy. Hitler caused monstrosities towards Jews and other minorities and completely changed Western Society in many ways. According to “Adolf Hitler” by, Adolf Hitler rose to power after World War I in the National Socialist German Workers Party. He was Political leader of the Nazi Party, Hitler implemented government policies based on “anti-Semitism and racism”. These policies became more severe over time and lead to the mass torture and extermination of Jews and other minorities.
When one thinks of genocide, usually the word Nazi might come to mind. The Nazi were the creators of the genocide because the Germans felt superior to the jews. According to”The Killing Machine” by Project Aladdin, the Nazi began the genocide because of “eugenics and racial segregation” in other words they wanted to purify their race. Project Aladdin states that the Nazis wanted to keep the Germans “free from abnormalities and illness”, this falls under the category of eugenics because of this around 200,000 mentally and physically disabled Germans were killed. The Nazi also wanted to keep the Aryan race closed to other ”inferior” races, this falls under racial segregation and extermination. This lead to

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