Adolf Hitler

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The murder of six million Jews and six million other religions/races is known as the Holocaust. This horrible attempt to annihilate certain races and religions was all brought upon by one man, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler took power in 1833 and immediately started his plan to exterminate the Jews. Hitler had the Nazi party behind him and eventually thousands of soldiers to help him invade the many countries for living Jews. He held rallies where he had speeches to his followers and had what is called the Hitler Youth Movement that teaches the youth on what only the Nazi’s racial and political influence was. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future!” was part of a speech Hitler made at the Reichsparteitag in1935…show more content…
Country after country fell to Hitler’s command which included Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, the Netherlands, and France. In time, there was a large network of camps spreading through Germany and into the overpowered nations of Europe. The Jews that were sent to concentration camps were either brutally beaten, starved, or worked to death. The most famous camps was Auschwitz, which was both a labor camp and an extermination camp. The majority of the deaths that took place were by gas chambers which were disguised as showers. Most of the camps also had crematories where they would burn bodies. One of the many cruel ideas they had included the code named of 6 killing centers “Operation T-4”. These medical doctors targeted the deformed, handicapped, mentally retarded, and mentally ill. The euthanasia program first started off only killing newborn babies but then expanded into killing all ages, including the elderly. Parents of their son or daughter were told that this “new treatment program” could benefit their child so of coarse the parents couldn’t resist such an opportunity. Days or weeks later, the family would get a notice of their son or daughter’s death certificate that would state he or she Cano 3 died from a common disease when they would really be killed by poison gas, lethal injections, or starvation. This program officially ended in August 1941, after killing 70,000-80,000 human beings (Altman 83). Josef Mengele was a sick and cruel

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