Adolf Hitler Good And Evil Essay

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Good and evil is an ever present feature of human history. Their presence is reflected through the ages in tales of great heroism and extraordinary villainy. Such tales provides insight into human nature, whether they involve two people or two thousand. The essence of heroism and villainy are found in deeds rather than in numbers. It is the deeds that pique our interest and lead us to wonder what prompts a man or woman to perform such acts.
Adolf Hitler was a man that left you to wonder was there any good in him among all that hatred he displayed towards others. He was a man that grew up in a strict home and struggled to make it in society which eventually led him to take his life experiences and rise to power of the Nazi nation and the Germans.
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The display of his behavior continues to grow due to the dark secrets he perceived from his background. He dropped out of school at the age of sixteen because he was unhappy. Hitler began to roam around for a couple years, and during those years he started to develop his psyche personality traits. He enjoyed seeing people with disabilities picked on and hurt at the expense of other people. Adolf was drawn to death and fascinated by anything that depicted death. His personality started growing stronger and stronger with hate. Hitler drifted for years working odd jobs and eventually was homeless in which a German Jew helped him out. He moved from place to place and landed in Munich were at the outbreak of World War I led him to join the German army. With the loss of the war in 1914, Hitler felt humiliated, angry and betrayed. He used his anger and frustration to begin his political activities in 1920. Hitler was able to manipulate his audience by playing on their bruise egos and fears from the loss of the war. Once Hitler gain power, he would speak at rallies that started out in a small number of followers that soon led to thousands. He was able to gain their trust and led them to believe in what he believed. He was a man of little education but was able to gain leadership through the power of his speech and the dedication he shown towards his followers. Hitler was viewed as one of the most evil men
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