Adolf Hitler Is A Hero

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People in this world have different opinion looking at the same thing. Here is a quote from Lynne Cheney, “There can be differences of opinion without there being personal difference”. Which means that people always have a different opinion. So with that, heroes can be seen as good and bad. Horrific people such as hitler or now like the presidential election. The world is full with “heroes and villains,” and it all depends on how the world sees them.

Adolf hitler is a notorious person in history he committed gruesome crimes. But this is how he can be seen as a hero, he began the first anti smoking campaign and raised germany’s economy by quite a bit, they saw him as a hero.The reason he can be seen as a villain is that he is responsible for 22 million deaths.Then he
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Japan and Italy lost the war with Japan surrendering in 1945.

This years presidential election is the most controversial election ever in United states history. The reason is it is Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton are widely hated and loved at the same time. Donald trump is a wealthy businessman and likes to speak his mind (not always the greatest of things). Hillary Clinton a feminist and is called suspicious of her past deeds. So to Trump fans Hillary is called crooked Hillary because of leaked emails.Hillary fans call Trump racist and unfit to be president. The election is very tense because it is only weeks away from finding a new president of the United States, who is a hero or a villain.

People have different opinions looking at the exact same thing. That is why from the past and now people can see the same thing look like a hero or a villain.That is just how everyone thinks; two people can choose two opposite
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