Adolf Hitler Motivation

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Q: When I was a young child, my grandfather would always tell me about his personal experience throughout the Holocaust. I can even recall when he would mention how horrendously he and the other residents in the concentration camps had been treated, how they have been starved and worked nearly beyond repair. While I never questioned my grandfather about it, I had always pondered on why any man - if you could even call Adolf Hitler a man, he more or less resembled a relentless and heartless monster - could ever do such a tragic ordeal to a community of innocent Jews. He murdered millions of people without any inkling of remorse, and I could personally never comprehend why. Do you have any thoughts on why Adolf Hitler would do such a thing, or even why anyone would do such a thing? A: I have come to the conclusion that people can harm others just by sheer motivation. Those kind of people have always and will always have some form of a motive, even if it has yet to be uncovered by other people. Some people desire an abundant amount of money, some even crave the bittersweet taste of violence, and others just want power. In the world, there will always be people who just want to be the leader and be feared by everyone. They need people to listen to every single word they say and latch onto it like it is the last meal they will ever be able to eat. When it comes to Adolf Hitler, there are many reasons as to why he did what he did. Many believe that it commenced when Hitler
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