Adolf Hitler Once Said, “To Conquer A Nation, First Disarm

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Adolf Hitler once said, “to conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.” In the perspective of Hitler creating chaos is what tears a country apart. Two trending topic’s of today’s society are gun and drug control mainly because of the high number of purposeless deaths and arrest that occur on a daily basis. Activist have risen to speak in opposition to weapons and drugs specifically marijuana being at the disposal of the public, however, could gun and drug control be the keys to amending the trend of violent attacks in America? The answer is no, gun control is not the answer for the violent attacks, but drug control has potential to be. Violent attacks occur for more than one reason in the U.S. and the large-scale brutal incidents that…show more content…
The majority of anti-gun advocates voice their opinion that more guns would produce more crimes unfortunately for them there is little to no truth in that claim. In reality, when gun ownership increased the amount of murders diminished as well. When states passed concealed weapons laws there was significant drops in the number of multiple victim shootings occurring, the number of deaths, and the number of injuries at these shootings. In 1997 both Wales and England banned handguns and the instantaneous effect was a 50% increase according to crime research. They never saw a day lower than after the year they decided to ban handguns. It has been proven by many surveys that the banning of guns increases crime rate which in turn proves that gun control is not the answer. Just like England and Wales Mexico has not had any luck with their very strict gun laws. As a matter of fact, Mexico only has one legal gun store compared to the United States of America that has roughly around 68,000 legal gun stores. Yet Mexico in 2012 had 11,309 murders by a gun while the United States had about 9,146 by gun. In order to buy a gun in Mexico, customers must provide a valid ID, show proof of an honest income, pass a criminal background check, prove that any military duties were completed with honor, be fingerprinted and photographed to purchase a gun. Yet as of 2012, Mexico’s one gun shop

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