Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler played a huge part in World War II and was one of the major reasons the war happened at all. World War II was a devastating war where millions of soldiers and civilians died. Hitler started to take over countries like Austria with little or no resistance. When he later tried to invade Poland, Britain declared war. Even though there was very little fighting at the time Britain declared war, Hitler’s ideas and goals for Germany were what initially caused World War II and later led to the holocaust. Hitler argues that the human race was very similar to species of animals and we should behave as such. His basic ideologies explain why he was looking for war and his goals for Germany. Hitler believed that each race should mate with a similar race and get rid of races that were not the same. This prejudice he had explains why he would want to go to war with nearby countries. Ideally, Hitler would demolish every single race that was not his own. It would be impossible for him to get rid of every single race, so he picked the one that was least like the Aryans which were Jewish people.
Hitler borrowed a lot of the ideas from Charles Darwin when developing his own ideology. Like Darwin, Hitler believed that social good was influenced by major forms of politics and the fittest would ultimately survive. These animalistic views show why Hitler was so adamant about fighting against others. Like any species, Hitler believed that the Aryans needed to fight in order to stay

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