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Adolf Hitler Research Paper
A man of power, a leader of chaos, a warlord of destruction, Adolf Hitler is one of the most famous dictators in history. He started off as a young boy in the art profession, but once he joined the military, he could not stop striving for power. Adolf started with a nation in distress and disorder, and he was on a mission to change this, but change it to his liking. Hitler’s strategy for restoring Germany to its former glory was through destruction and insanity, but he had all the power in the world. Adolf Hitler had a thirst for power that did not stop with becoming the leader of Germany, but was satisfied by attacking countries and killing innocent people. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria on April 20, 1889 in a small village next to the border of German Bavaria (BE#12). He grew up with his father, Alois, and his mother, Klara, and they provided a comfortable childhood. The only problem that young Adolf found was that his father had a short temper and found himself on the wrong side of it. While Adolf was in school, he was a clever student and popular among his other classmates. In school, he took art
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Now in the main government building of Germany, the Reichstag, political parties were battling at each other. Then many of the political leaders were given a poisoned chalice and were killed from the poison. In Hitler’s vision this was the work of the Jews, and the socialists, and the Marxists (SC#5). This enraged Adolf, and he wanted to do something about it, so that is why he joined politics. Adolf started working as an intelligence officer for the military and while he was doing this, he monitored the German Worker’s Party, or the DAP, and this is where he learned about anti-Semitic and anti-Marxist ideas from the DAP founder Anton Drexler. Adolf and Anton talked to each other constantly and Anton ended up inviting Adolf to join the DAP in 1919, Adolf accepted

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