Adolf Hitler: The Holocaust Essay

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World War II was an era of extremes for many people. It was even more so in countries taken over by Germany. The peoplle that suffered were people of Jewish decent. The Jewish ethnic group was one of the "undesirable" groups established by the Nuremburg Race Laws. These laws stripped "undesirables" of their human rights and made their life unbearable. The mastermind and executer of these laws was none other than Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was a very ambitious man. The root of his ambition can probably be traced back to when he heard of Germany's surrender in World War I while he was recovering in a hospital. Frustrated, he launched an attack on the president. He was caught and imprisoned. In prison, he wrote a book called Mein Kampf. The title when translated reads, my struggle. When Hitler got out of prison, he moulded the political system of Germany to meet his requirements. One of the laws brought forth by him was the law that the president shall not be replaced when or if he dies. The next office, the office of chancelor, assumes the role of president. Slowly, Hitler worked his way up the political ladder until he became president after the his predecessor died. Hitler then transforms his position into that of a dictator. After he does that, Hitler promised to bring Germany back to its former glory. He proposed to do this by exterminating carefully selected scapegoats that he called "undesirables" to create a superior "Aryan" race. Thus began the Holocaust

The Holocaust was…