Adolf Hitler and The Nazi Party Essay

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Imagine a family taken from their home in the middle of the night, sent to an unknown destination where they were separated from loved ones, also with the uncertainty of whether they were to be tortured or killed. This was reality for many Jews and members of other ethnic, religious, and minority groups across Europe during the 1940s and was a result of Hitler's desire to create a “perfect society”of Aryans. Many of these prisoners were taken to the Auschwitz concentration camp where they were mistreated and their fate was determined by prejudiced beings. Auschwitz, a place where many different groups were annihilated, was part of the largest discriminatory act to occur in history.
It was in 1933 that Adolf Hitler was given power; as he was a part of the Nazi grouping in the Reichstag, the largest of the groups in the government by 1932. This meant the Nazis had both the majority and the power. In an attempt to regain power and trust, President Hindenburg and the former temporary chancellor, Papen, decided to confront the Nazi party and allow Hitler to become vice chancellor if the group would become allies with the two. Hitler was dissatisfied and requested to be chancellor instead. “In January 1933, Hitler became chancellor, and immediately set about making himself absolute ruler using Article 48”(Hitler's Rise to Power), a precedent which allowed Hitler to make decisions without approval given by the Reichstag. When Adolf Hitler became ruler, with support from the…