Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust is a tragic event that happened not so long ago, but many people have already forgotten about this horrible event. Today, there are only few survivors left to tell their own personal stories of the Holocaust and what they had to go through. But what will happen when there's no survivor left to tell his/her story or speak of the truth that the Holocaust really did happen? Who will speak out for them and millions of Jews who had died in the Holocaust? Who will help defend them? Like many historian events, the Holocaust will become history and will be forgotten. If today society doesn't seem to care much about the Holocaust or know about it, then the next generation will become clueless about this terrible tragic. People …show more content…
His father, a bad-tempered man, was very harsh and strict on his son for he wanted Hitler to do well in life. Adolf Hitler was very fond of his mother, who spoiled him with love and affections which he couldn't get from his strict father. In elementary, Hitler did extremely well in school but in high school, Hitler did very poorly which caused his father to be outraged. His dream in life was to become the greatest artist which is why he tried to pursue his dream in Vienna where he applied to Vienna Academy of Fine Art. The school rejected his application and soon after he applied to Vienna School of Architecture, but once again got rejected. He stayed in Vienna for 6 years and lived in homeless shelters.
When First World War broke out, he volunteered for service in the German army which he liked the excitement of wars. For his bravery, he was awarded with Iron Cross. By the end of the war, Hitler was temporarily blinded by the poison gas from the enemy for three months. The Versailles Treaty ended the war, under the term of the treaty German had to pay for damage of the war and accept the blame of the war. Germans and especially Hitler felt humiliated by the treaty because they believed they shouldn't be responsible for it. After his recovery, Hitler was determined to get rid of the humiliation inflicted by the Treaty of Versailles and he felt that his country was being threatened by the Jews

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