Adolf Hitler 's Influence On His Life

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Adolf Hitler was born on the 20th April 1889 in the small Austrian town of Braunau to Alois Hitler & Klara Hitler. As a child Hitler was very intellectual and showed great passion for success in his education. He was popular among his peers and was often admired for his leadership qualities throughout his primary education. His father was a very dominating man, who took his anger from work problems on his family, and as Hitler progressed to his teen years he and his father often had arguments, which resulted in Hitler being beaten severely. As the years passed Hitler grew close to his mother who had a kind heart but couldn’t rebel against his father as women had no power in those days. Hitler gave up in studying hard in his secondary education due the problems with his father. His grades began to drop tremendously, which angered his father even more. He only excelled in Art & Gymnastics, which was classed as ‘useless’ subjects by his father. After his father passed away when he was 14, Hitler had no strong influence to push him to continue with his studies. Later, doing horribly in his final exams, he left school with no formal education at the age of 16. At the age of 18, Hitler decided to pursue his dream of becoming an artist by trying to pass the entrance exam at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Hitler was very confident that he would pass the exam, therefore the rejection from the academy came as a very big shock to him which Hitler couldn 't accept. Hitler’s rejection

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