Adolf Hitler 's Influence On The World

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During the 1930s, Adolf Hitler rose to power in the morally and economically broken country of Germany then lead the nation into what was to be known as the “Third Reich”. Hitler, along with his fellow party members, were able to take over the country at an unfathomable pace along an approval rate that has never been seen before. Adolf was able to consume the support of the nation with the influential effect of his propaganda. The results of his propaganda trump any seen before in the history of the world and may never be replicated or surpassed by any regime. With the help of Joseph Goebbels, influencing young minds, and isolation from the outside world, his propaganda was able to lead a nation to support and exercise the genocide of an entire race. When Hitler came to power, Germany was in the midst of a Great Depression, much worse than any other country in the time period. Thirty percent of the German population were unemployed compared to the twenty - three percent in the United States of America. Not to mention, there was also 226 Billion Reichsmarks worth of debt to be paid from the Treaty of Versailles which ended World War I: this equates to five - hundred, fifteen billion dollars today. No bank would allow that many people, let alone the entire nation, to take out a loan due to the excessive amount of risk of not getting the money. Just by chance, most of the banks in Germany were run by Jewish people. The nation was in desperate need of a leader to bring
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