Adolf Hitler 's Role During The World War I

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Adolph Hitler came to power in 1933. Germany was finally going to be rebuilt after the terrible loss in World War I. The first few years were nice: Germany was being rebuilt, the League of Nations was coming together, and the people were getting everything they wanted. Germany’s situation was looking up, until Hitler began passing laws stripping Jews of their freedoms and honor. Regardless of position, role played during the first World War, or wealth, there was no protection for the Jews after their rights were stripped away. As the situation worsened, many Jewish families tried to leave Germany. Those who could not would eventually begin to be ‘exiled’ or ‘deported’ from German cities. These families were sent to concentration camps where they would be tortured, killed, beaten, or worked to death. These camps, also called ‘work camps,’ would hold thousands of Jews within their walls along with the many gas chambers, crematoriums, and gravesites. Once there, the prisoners would be stripped of all remaining freedom. Their captors decided every moment of the lives within the fences, even holding the power of life or death. Each camp would later be liberated, knowledge of its nightmares released to the public. Auschwitz, the largest and most well-known of the camps, remains as a memorial today to remind the world of what could have been stopped. In the end, over 12 million people died as a result of Nazi persecution, over 6 million of which were Jewish. It was a terrible
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