Adolf Hitler 's Role Of Chancellor Of Germany

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Intro: Adolph Hitler, the most prominent member of the NSDAP, gained the role of Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933. This permitted him to acquire power for the Nazi party and then eventually gain full power with the admission of the Enabling Act. This act essentially allowed him to create laws without the intervention of the legislative body of the government. However, it was by this time, the NSDAP had 44% of the votes compared to other parties and overwhelmed the system. Although it was not a majority, the Nazis still held a comparable place. Nazi registration in Germany’s government The inquiry is what role did civilian militarisation, discord, and compliance play in the extent of Nazi conformity? From the start of the first World War, civilians have acquired the victim mantra from their own politicians and government because of the Versailles treaty and the dignity that it took away from the German people. It makes sense they Where did it come from Loss of WW1: In order to have a clear view of the citizens of Germany and their emotional standpoint, it would be important to start from the loss of World War 1 in 1918. There were still propagandists that called on Germans to maintain the “spirit of 1914”*****so1914,pg196. After the end of this world war, other nations wanted Germany to pay extensively for the damages. Woodrow Wilson had proposed his vision of what should be done in order to maintain peace after the end of a very bloody war with the first use of
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