Adolf Hitler was a Leader

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Adolf Hitler is the leader I am choosing to write about. I am choosing Hitler because he influenced millions of people to follow him in the attempted genocide of an entire race. Having the leadership skills that he possessed to do the things he did were unbelievable. Some of the leadership skills and traits Hitler possessed were charisma, intelligence, and confidence. These traits are the basis of power which led him to the start of World War II, and eventually his demise. After World War One, Germany was living with the catastrophic defeat which left the country and its people in very poor shape. Unemployment was at fifty percent and increasing as thousands of factories were shutting down daily, people began stealing to get by, and many were losing everything they had. In the year 1933 this new power took control of Germany; and in 1934 three quarters of Germany gathered in Berlin to see their new leader, Adolf Hitler. When Hitler first came to power, he won the German people over with his charisma; this may sound crazy because of what we know of him today, but yes the man had charisma. Hitler told his followers that he cared about his country and wanted to see great change, he glorified the future and the people of Germany were intrigued, he had their attention. The people of Germany soon idolized Hitler because he gave them everything they dreamed of and at that time he was doing no wrong. The people of Germany were very excited about their new leader because he gave
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