Adolf Hitler's Belief Affected the World

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How Adolf Hitler’s Beliefs Affected Many Involved in World War II Adolf Hitler to some people, is considered one of the most infamous political rulers ever. Hitler was a German politician, and leader of the Nazi Party from 1933 to 1945 (Gale). While trying to seize control of Germany, Hitler was able to recruit new members from the German Workers' Party and change the name, so that it would be well known in cities such as Munich. Finally in 1920 the name of the group was changed to the more eye-catching name, the National Socialist German Workers' Party more easily referred to as the Nazi party (Baughman). By 1923, Hitler had become the main point of a leadership, and before it seized power in Germany, the Nazi Party functioned as an ironclad dictatorship (Baughman). An Ironclad dictatorship is when the power of the government comes from a single dictator. Hitler placed a government in order that were based off anti-Semitism racism. Anti-Semitism is the hatred and discrimination of a specific group of people. In particular the Jewish people (Gale). Hitler also based his new Nazi government off of his writings of Mein Kampf, and he followed the pursuit of Lebensraum, “living space”, for German people to have increased living space (Rice Jr. 105). Adolf Hitler's reign persecuted Slavic, Polish, and Jewish people In 1937, before World War II had even begun, Hitler announced to his inner circle that not only was he determined to make Germany the greatest power in the world,
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