Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power

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Braunau Austria is a small town located approximately 65 miles east of Munich and nearly 30 miles north of Salzburg. When Hitler was a small child, he was baptized as a Catholic. Hitler didn’t do well in school; he wanted to be an artist. His father Alois Hitler, didn’t approve of his life plans, he wanted his son to be an officer and fight for Germany. Hitler had a hatred for his father. He was deeply and emotionally attached to his hard working mother. On Saturday, January 3, 1903, Alois Hitler collapsed and died from lung hemorrhage. Hitler was only 13 years old, when his father passed away. After Hitler’s father passed away, Hitler continued to do poorly in school. Hitler decided to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist. He applied to art schools, but every time he was denied entrance. His mother began experiencing chest pains. She went to Edward Bloch, a family doctor. On January 14, 1907, he diagnosed Klara Hitler with advanced breast cancer. She became gravely ill and needed immediate surgery. Adolf Hitler sobbed for his mother, hoping she would be okay. December 21, 1907, Klara Hitler was pronounced dead due to her illness. This devastated Hitler. He decided to give up on his dreams of being an artist after she passed. Hitler joined the German army and fought in World War I. After World War 1, he rose to power in Germany during the 1920’s and early…

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