Adolp Coors Case Study Essay

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Adolph Coors Company (B)
The following is the complete transcript of a speech given by Shirley Richard, director of corporate communications, at the International Association of Business Communicators annual conference on May 12, 1983.

The winds of change are blowing, and as we progress into the information age, investigative journalism is something which will affect all of us—either as consumers, members of special interest groups, business persons, or members of the general public. Organizations—and especially businesses—will be forced in the years ahead to deal with investigative reporters in an open and forthright manner. Adolph Coors Company, the nation's sixth largest brewer, has changed its news media
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Adolph Coors Company (B)

no. 1-0028

We established some message objectives which were based upon overall corporate objectives and identification of image problems in the market. These are extremely important in any interview situation. These are key points we would make if we had free air time. This is the heart of dealing successfully with investigative reporters. The message objectives we established were:

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Coors has fair hiring practices and is a good place to work. The boycott is unfair and is carried on by a few rejected union officials. Coors cares about its employees, its products, its community, and its country. Coors is not anti-union. Coors makes a unique quality beer.

Plan Elements:

Make sure certain officers were adequately prepared prior to the Wallace interview. Maintain an open door policy with "60 Minutes" throughout the investigation. Perform informal and formal research to measure results of the broadcast. Share "60 Minutes" with employees and distributors after the show's airing.


We established a budget which was spent primarily for professional telecommunications training. Establishing a budget is essential for all PR programs.
Execution (by the Corporate Communications
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