Adoptees Have The Right Of Original Birth Certificates

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My mother was adopted, along with her twin sister. Now, my mom wants to know who her parents are., bBut, there are laws preventing her from doing so. The big question in this essay is, “Should adoptees have the right to know who their biological parents are,” You could also phrase it asking the question, “Do adoptees have the right to access original birth certificates?” This question covers much more, and will be what the information in this essay circles around. This essay covers three things: adoptees have the right to access to original birth certificates because they have questions, because of equality issues, and because of the doors it opens to adoptees that have empty holes in their history.
First, adoptees have the right to have access to original birth certificates because they have questions. Questions about their health, questions about who they came, who they got their blue eyes from, and other such things. As Melinda Elkins Dawson, one of 200 newborns relocated to other states for adoption in Georgia in the 50’s and 60’s says, “Every adopted child has questions.” Adoptees, especially adoptees who are older, feel empty spaces in their history, and they want to be able to fill them. “We don’t have a history. Our history begins the day we were adopted into a new family… It’s important to know where you came from.” Bob MacNish says, of how not knowing your past, which makes an empty slate until you get adopted. As it says above, all adoptees have questions, and an…
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