Adopting A Child As A Family

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Adopting a child, especially internationally, can be quite challenging, but it can also be one of the most rewarding experiences that a family can go through. Families who adopt cross-culturally inevitably face a few barriers when it comes to acclimating a new family member into their lifestyle, but, I happen to know plenty of parents who have taken the plunge, and I have seen the incredible joy that has sprung from it. I decided to interview a family who has adopted because I believe that it is one of the most “diverse” experiences a family can go through. I have plenty of friends that have adopted siblings, and, personally, I would love to adopt a child one day.
For this specific interview, I picked one of my best friend’s family to
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It is because of this that she has been acting out. She 's very hurt inside and doesn 't know how to deal with it so she can become very mean to us. She 'll say things like, ‘You 're not my mom’ or ‘I hate you, ' but once she calms down she 's normal, fun-loving, affectionate, sassy, sweet Rita again. She sometimes actually does some pretty mean things too. For example, one time she dumped a glass of water on me when she was mad at me. I have also been punched, kicked and bitten, but she only does these things because she 's confused and she 's trying to process her emotions. Once she calms down, she always asked for forgiveness, and she 's normal Rita again."
I then listened to what Rita 's mom, Casey had to answer to this question, "For me, it would be gaining her complete trust. It is very difficult to obtain trust from a wounded child who learned to survive without parents before we adopted her. It can take a lifetime for 100% trust, or maybe even never all the way. This lack of trust and confidence in our love and authority over her comes out in some of Rita’s irrational behavior and decision making.”
Some of these types of difficulties that Gabby’s family has gone through are just a portion of the aftermath of an adoption. The cultural shock alone can be quite daunting as well. Gabby told me during our interview that when Rita first came to America, she only knew Mama and Papa. She called Gabby and her older sister, Ann
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