Adopting A Child From A Race

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Many people who planned to adopt or adopted a children from another race probably didn’t realized about the potential dilemma that their adopted kids might face when they get exposed to their real community. And in the video the kids shared their experience and struggles of trying to figured out their true identity. I feel bad for them to feel the way the felt even though I want to tell them that they shouldn’t think like the way they think about life in general but I am just a guy from the outside trying to look in the inside I could blame them to feel what they felt, the government should educated everyone about transracial adoption I think if people are aware of this then they would be acceptable about the difference of other people. Make a universal symbol for these people that way people would know why these kids look like them but act and talk different.

I never thought that adopting a child from a different race would create a social dilemma for the children especially here in the U.S. I am planning to adopt children someday and I tried to look at on a couple of website for adopting a kids and I had no preference or whatsoever I was just looking at who was available in my area and I never thought that having an intention of just giving these children a better life is not enough to have them have a good life because if you are Asian and you adopt a black person and you don’t know the culture from the black community that person you adopt would feel lost and confused
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