Adopting A Single Parent Family

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In contemporary society, due to various factors, there are many children whose parents have died or cannot raise them as well as abandoned infants. In order to solve this inevitable situation, some couples and a single man or woman who have the ability to raise the kids will apply for the qualifications to adopt them. However, some people pose a question that should single people be able to adopt children as easily as couples. With a lot of attention, this topic has become a very intriguing argument. Nowadays, having two parents is not any more the essential condition of properly raising a kid. Children raised in single adoptive parent families can be just as progressive with the aspects of emotional, education and living skills as other adopted children who have two parents. The latest research indicates that the possibility of creating a perfect growing environment in a single parent family is the same as that of two-parent family, therefore, single people who have the ability to provide spiritual and material support for the child should be able to adopt children as easily as couples. One reason why some people oppose is that they think initiative to have a single-parent family is unconventional. I have to say that this concept is too conservative and out of date. In today 's pluralistic society, some men and women are celibates but they also have the desire to raise a kid. The only difference between them and the couple is a lack of a partner. But that does not mean…
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