Adopting Green Marketing At The Hotel Industry

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Adopting “Green Marketing” in the Hotel Industry Global ecological concerns have penetrated the business world in a number of ways. One of the strongest evidences can be found in the concept and practice known as “green marketing.” Even though there is no standard definition for green marketing, the term can be generally referred to as a holistic marketing concept that considers the environmental impacts of products and services marketed to the customers. According to author Jeremy Kourdi, green marketing covers a broad range of sustainable activities that align with concerns about pollution, climate change and global warming, and waste management (86). Green marketing, as a practice, can be applied in service-oriented businesses such as…show more content…
However, as will be further explained by the subsequent sections of this paper, the latter assumptions do not take into consideration that the advantages of green marketing outweigh its actual and potential disadvantages. Green marketing is a very useful marketing practice because it can be utilized to reduce carbon emissions, solid waste, and other pollutants as well as to conserve water, energy, and other raw materials used by hotels. Hotels that adopt green marketing also enhance their image to their customers. Contrary to the claims of skeptics, green marketing is also cost-effective in the long run because it facilitates the conservation of resources. Hence, this paper argues that although there are downsides to green marketing such as greenwashing and high costs, this marketing strategy still works best for hotels because it is sustainable, can meet customer demands, and cost-effective. Before discussing the merits of applying green marketing to hotels, it is important to discuss first the contexts and elements of this marketing strategy. “Green marketing” started to become a buzzword since the late 1980s to the early 1990s through a conference on ecological marketing, which took place in Austin, Texas (Kourdi 16). Eventually, the proceedings of the conference caught the interest of scholars in the field of business marketing. Referring to an earlier
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