Adopting Multiple Children Who Have Severe Needs

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The Washington Post discusses that in the town of Dietrich, Idaho Tim and Shelly McDaniel, known for adopting multiple children who have severe needs. One of these kids, being a mentally disabled boy and a member of the football team becomes a victim of assault by his teammates. They soon discovered three of the boys had sexually assaulted the young boy with a coat hanger and made him recite the words to a racist song. According to the report, race-based bullying had been occurring for numerous months before the assault, which the coaches overlooked and described as part of a “toughening up” program. When interviewed, Hubert Shaw states, “I guarantee that those boys had no criminal intent to do anything or any harm to anyone,”...”Boys are…show more content…
Rarely does the media offer how the victim tried to defend against the aggressive act, but it quickly allows those accused to state no assault occurred, merely a miscommunication. Celebrities and song artists using rape culture and sexual assault as a way to further their career diminishes society 's concern when attacks occur. Today’s generation typically decides as a whole whether or not the statement or event categorizes as offensive or immoral, leading to not only the victims but individuals attempting to raise awareness to be told their views are invalid. An example of the media being used to corrupt the minds of thousands that the actions were justifiable, is an article by CBS News, Donald Trump’s 2005 “Access Hollywood” video which was released and discussed. Throughout the video Trump proudly tells encounters of when he would grab and grope women, resulting in many of the victims reliving experiences of assault. In the video Trump states, “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” (insert source). Once women began accusing the president of sexual assault Trump immediately reported to CNN that he was the true victim. He went on to claim, “ They are coming after me to try and destroy what is considered by even them the greatest movement in the history of our country.” (insert source). Rather than
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