Adopting New Technologies in Nursing

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Adopting New Technologies into Nursing Lisa M. Ehret
Walden University
Transforming Nursing and Healthcare through Information Technology
NURS 6051N-20

July 10, 2015
Adopting New Technologies into Nursing The healthcare system is a continuously evolving spectrum. Nurses must take great strides in learning and adapting to new technologies to meet the standards of the health care system. One significant change that has occurred throughout the last few years is the transition from paper charting to utilizing electronic health record (EHR) systems. This technological change is a major development that has the potential to significantly impact the nursing role and overall
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15). Thus, if possible, emphasizing the simple aspects of the chosen EHR while avoiding excessive complexity during design will be an important aspect to avoid obstacles in the adoption of the new practice. As the nurse facilitator, realization that the older generation may be confronted with difficulty regarding technological innovation is crucial. Providing constructive, and tolerant instruction will help with successful adaption of the new EHR for these individuals. Adequate training and instruction, while ensuring user-friendly technology was the base of the design for the new EHR will help ensure simplicity and encourage positive outlook from staff and increase rates of adaptation. Thus, emphasizing simplicity of use while avoiding complexity will give health care workers a positive stance on their capabilities regarding the utilization of a new EHR.
The fourth aspect of successful implementation is trialability. As described by Rogers (2003), “Trialability is the degree to which an innovation may be experimented with on a limited basis”. An easy way to interpret this aspect is that the more practice, the easier a concept becomes or “practice makes perfect”. As the nurse facilitator, one must recognize and understand that adequate training and available resources are the basis for trialability and success. Thus, the more the nurses who utilize the new EHR, the faster a successful adaptation occurs. It is during this part of the
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