Adoption And Foster Care Act

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“It’s about my entire life, it’s not just about my childhood. I want to know that I’m going to have someone to walk me down the aisle. That I’m going to have grandparents for my children.” -Mary (a girl in foster care). Adoption and foster care is used as a solution to a child not having an adequate home, but because of its many issues, the child is put into an unfavorable position and left with an uncertain future. Foster care is when a child is placed into a home and waits for a family to adopt them. Adoption is the act of taking legal responsibility of a child and to protect them . On paper, it sounds likes like an act of kindness, but adoption and foster care has many issues tied to it. Due to the many problems of adoption and foster care, such as the environment in a foster home, the behavior of their peers, mental instability, the adoption process, a child that experienced it impact their life negatively, as demonstrated in The Murderer’s Daughter by Randy Susan Meyers. The environments of different foster homes changes but there are many with a horrid environment that could cause many issues for the child. In some foster homes there is a deficit of healthy food for the children. In the novel, Lulu, an orphaned girl who lived in a group home with her sister and the protagonist of The Murderer’s Daughter, the girls at Duffy was infected with ache and the fault was “our greasy meals, so I tried to eat the best stuff Duffy served. Of course, I couldn’t do that every
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